Subjects Studied for a Pharmacy Technician Certification Online

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Subjects Studied for a Pharmacy Technician Certification Online

If you are considering taking a pharmacy technician certification over the Internet, then it might be rewarding to work ahead a bit and read about some of the subjects that you will be studying so you will have an advantage over other students. Additionally, this type of preparation and discipline will prepare the groundwork in your brain for the education that you are about to receive. In the next 10-20 years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that health care professions will grow significantly. This means that there is a great demand for skilled, professional health care workers, including pharmaceutical technicians.

Working in the health care field can be very rewarding, but it is also a challenging job and requires an excellent – if not flawless – knowledge and dedication to the profession. By reading ahead for some of these topics, you are showing that you are interested and dedicated.

Pharmacy Background and Introduction

It might pay to get acquainted with the various agencies that employ pharmaceutical technicians. There are many places that employ these medical professionals, such as pharmacies (both private and government owned), hospitals, clinics and even field work with institutions such as FEMA.

Depending on the institution and the course, you may also be required to take certain medical and scientific courses such as Anatomy, Biology and Chemistry. The precise courses will depend on the institution you have chosen, but it can pay off really well to have a good background in these topics before you jump in.

Pharmacology and Medicine

This is the core of your pharmacy technician certification online. You will be required to take subjects that teach you about how individual drugs can be used to treat certain diseases (the most common are studied). You will learn all about diagnosis, prognosis, treatments, side-effects and many other related factors that a pharmacy technician needs to know.

Administrative Tasks and Duties

While a fully-licensed pharmacist is usually a senior colleague working at a pharmacy, pharmaceutical technicians may be required to do administrative tasks and duties. You will learn how to read prescriptions and create certain medicines and mixtures if required. Additionally, you will be taught a variety of customer service, professional communication, computer applications and even some business education to prepare you for all the potential tasks you may have to do as a pharmacy technician.

All in all, becoming a pharmaceutical technician is a very rewarding career for anyone who is interested in joining the health profession.

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