Overview of Pharmacy Technician Courses

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Overview of Pharmacy Technician Courses

If you are thinking of studying for a pharmacy technician degree, then you will be learning a huge variety of courses in a range of subjects. Most of your topics will of course be in medicine and chemistry, but a significant part of your studies will also take place in administrative, communication, technical, financial, ethical and humanities subjects as well. Ideally, you will want to be a person with a wide range of interests and knowledge – an accomplished scientist and mathematician with an understanding of research and an interest in the continued development of medicinal science.

However, this is not the only aspect of your character that you should cultivate if you are interested in this career. All medical professionals have a public facing job and are looked up to and respected in the community. Therefore, you will need to be an excellent communicator, who is compassionate and understanding, with a background in many other subjects.

The Medical and Scientific Side

Studying to become a pharmaceutical technician will of course expose you to a range of medical and scientific topics. In the field of natural sciences and mathematics, you will need to learn anatomy, scientific literacy, human biology and algebra. You may also be required to take several optional complementary scientific courses from a range of disciplines, such as astronomy, geology or oceanography. These complementary courses are required so you can get a broader scientific perspective.

But a good background in medicine and science is only one side of becoming a pharmacy technician.

Medical Administrative and Accounting

Because you will be working with the public you will need to apply your scientific and medical knowledge to serving clients in a number of ways. You will need to be able to read and understand prescriptions and be able to create dosages and in some cases even prepare certain medicines for patients. As such, you will be applying your knowledge of math and science in your administrative and accounting duties as well. If you work in a pharmacy, you may also have other duties around the store to do with retail, customer service and logistics.

An Excellent Communicator

Lastly, you will need to be a compassionate and excellent communicator. You will most likely be required to take English courses as well as computer training so that you can write letters, documentation and papers as needed. In some parts of the United States, depending on where you want to work, you may even be required to take Spanish or another regionally appropriate language.

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