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How to Get Pharmacy Tech Certification

Becoming certified as a pharmacy technician can be a rewarding career. Not only will you be able to help many people by providing access to their medications and drugs, but you will be performing a vital public service. Most pharmacy technicians have an extensive medical background.

Getting certified as a pharmacy technician can be a complicated process and you will need to go through several years of schooling. In addition, you will also need to become registered as a professional. Each state has different certification requirements, so contact your local state board of health office for particular details.

Where Do Pharmaceutical Technicians Work?

Most pharmacy technicians work in some kind of a retail environment in the United States – for instance, with private pharmacy chains or other retailers that sell over the counter medicine. You can also find employment in hospitals, nursing homes and even the Federal Government.

What Kind of Education Is Needed?

Most professionals, whether they are technicians or fully-licensed pharmacists, will require some sort of registration to be able to work over the counter as a distributor of medicine and drugs. In general, a minimum level of high school education is required. Depending on the state, further education may be needed. In most cases this training will be vocational and will involve several hundred hours of instruction. In addition, the training will involve some sort of an internship as well.

To become fully licensed as a pharmacy technician you will need a high school diploma, courses as well as an internship. Before you are able to obtain your license, you will usually need to sit for a state exam.

Prospects for Pharmacy Technicians

If you wish to work in this exciting field, then you can expect significant prospects in the upcoming years. Most projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast that the need for health care professionals will only become greater with time. At least up until 2020, it has been suggested that health care professions will only grow – which means more opportunities and more salaries.

Generally, you can expect to receive a greater salary depending on the specific location of the job. Positions in cities usually pay less than rural positions where more help is usually needed. Additionally, if you are interested in working rurally then contact your local state board of health to see if they have any programs to fund part or all of your education.

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