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Curious on how to get in the pharmacy field? A Pharmacy Tech Certification is your answer.

If chemistry has always intrigued you, you may want to put your interest to work, literally, by becoming a pharmacy tech. A pharmacy tech is someone who works alongside a pharmacist in filling, filing, and contacting physician’s offices as well as insurance companies, to supply patients with needed medications. It is one of the few occupations which are experiencing a shortage. Unlike most occupations, there are more positions available than those who are qualified to fill them.

Obtaining a pharmacy tech certification does not require the extensive training of a pharmacist. There are many pharmacy tech training schools available online for you to complete your coursework after hours and in your spare time. More convenient than a traditional institution, you aren’t required to work around a class schedule, you can complete the entire course without ever having to sit through a class. If you are looking to get out from behind the cash register and do something that is worthy of your competence, then the best pharmacy tech schools are at your disposal and conveniently located on the internet.

If you are finding it overwhelming to find accredited pharmacy tech schools or to decipher pharmacy tech certification requirements, the professionals of are here to help. We have the expert knowledge to guide you to top online pharmacy schools for your individual career goals. Helping you through the decision process of where to obtain your certification, we have the expert knowledge to get you where you want to be professionally. Don’t waste another moment getting paid little for your hard work, earn a pharmacy tech certification, gain job security, and get paid for what you are worth.

Popular Programs

Everest University

If you are considering obtaining a certification as a pharmacy technician, Everest University may be the perfect place to begin. A pharmacy technician is someone who is trained to work alongside a pharmacist to aide in filling and recording prescriptions. Being a highly specialized field of study, you will be starting not only a new job prospect, but a career. With courses available online, you can earn your certificate at your own pace and on your own time schedule. Everest University is a fully accredited institution with financial assistance available. Not only convenient, it is also affordable with a payoff that will make your skills, and you, a highly marketable commodity in today’s workforce.

Penn Foster Career School

If you have ever thought about a career as a pharmacy technician now is the time to act on it. Penn Foster Career School offers an online certificate program that will allow you to earn your certificate from the convenience of your own computer. Learning to aid in the recording and filling of prescriptions, working alongside a pharmacists, getting a pharmacy technician certificate will put you in high demand. Not only convenient, it is also affordable. There will not be any debt to worry about after you finish the program, and your salary will increase substantially. Not just a job, get started on your career today at Penn Foster Career School.

University of Phoenix

Ever dreamed of obtaining a pharmacy technician’s certificate, but thought that it was too much work, or you wouldn’t have the time? The University of Phoenix makes earning your certificate not only possible, but convenient. With campuses located across the nation, you are able to chose to attend classes, or to take them online. A pharmacy technician is trained to work alongside the pharmacist to fill and record prescriptions. You will learn about chemical compounds and be trained in a field that will make you highly marketable. The University of Phoenix is a highly accredited institution with a reputation as a leader in education. Obtaining a certificate from there will set you on a real career path.


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